Role game Folio Livoniae

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1. Riga

The town has just recently been established, but it already has sturdy walls.

The Bishop Albert has left for Bremen in hopes of finding new pilgrims, and has named his substitute: a Cistercian monk Theoderich, the founder of the Order of the Swordbrethren. He is being helped by the Order’s knights and servants, and other monks.

In the town, also reside noble Teutonic knights that are not part of this Order, recently arrived as per the Bishop’s invitation and hoping for new lands in this pagan territory. They are accompanied by their entourage and squires.However, among the first settlers in Riga there were merchants and craftsmen who buy goods from the local populace and forward shipments to the Western Europe. They come not only from German towns, but from other places as well.

The first church in Riga has already been built by the townspeople, used for worshipping by all the residents of the town, from knights to the newly baptized Livonians who live just outside the walls.

Preliminary role list:

Name Description Quantity Role occupied
Theoderich Bishop Albert’s representative, warrior monk, the unofficial Head of Riga 1
Bishopric The Bishopric’s staff, monks, Albert’s and Theoderich’s assistants, including the scribe Henry (Heinrich) of the Latvians (Henricus de Lettis) 2-6
The church ? The priest ? in Riga with his clergy 1-5
Vinno von Rohrbach The Master of the Order of the Swordbrethren, a knight originally from the small town Hamburg. The Order responds to the Bishop 1
The Order of the Swordbrethren The Knights of the Order of the Swordbrethren. White capes with the Malta Cross and sword are mandatory 2-8
Knight Engelbrecht An old Baron who has lost his lands in Saxony and looking for a new lease in Livonia. The Bishop’s protégée. 1
Knight Johan Engelbrecht’s son, a young gallivant, yearning for heroic deeds 1
Knights Daniel and Arnold from Maiendorf Knight Johan’s mates, young good-for nothing’s just like him 2-3
Dortmundas Konrāds un citi bruņinieki Konrad aus Dortmund and other knights 1-10
Merchant from Lubeck The main wool trader in Livonia. With family and servants 1-6
Merchant from Hamburg The main grain trader in Livonia. With family and servants 1-6
Blacksmith With family and apprentices. Fixes armour for knights and guests 1-6
Miller The only miller in the area. With family and servants. Behind city walls 1-6
Akko and Imauts Baptized Livonians. Sons of the previous Livonian chieftain of Turaida 2
Livonian village A village of baptized Livonians next to Riga. Pays taxes to the Bishop of Riga 2-12
TOTAL 20-70

2. Koknese

The western outpost of the Pskov Duchy. Until recently has been collecting taxes from the entire region, but has been losing its importance lately because of the new threat in the form of the Order, and the increased battle force of the local chieftains; also, the Duke of Pskov has been kept busy by his conflict with the Dukes of Smolensk and Ryazan.

Lord Viachko (Vetseke) is married to the daughter of a Lithuanian chieftain, there are both Russian and Latgallian warriors in his warband, while his castle is mostly populated by Latgallians and Selonians

Preliminary role list:

Name Description Quantity Role occupied
Lord Viachko (Vetseke) Relative of the Duke of Pskov, Boris. Wise ruler and fearless Warrior 1
Daugerute Lord Viachko’s wife, the daughter of Lithuanian Lord Daugerutis. Russian Orthodox 1
Sofia Lord Viachko’s daughter. An young girl of marriageable age, romantic 1
Elder members of warband Experienced warriors. Possibly married to local Latgallians 2-8
Younger members of warband Young warriors, often sons of older warriors. 2-8
Court The Ladies’ retinue and servants, estate manager, doctor and others 4-10
Lithuanians Lady Daugerute’s relatives who have arrived to visit. Her sister/-s with guards and servants 3-10
Blacksmith With family and apprentices. Fixes armour for warriors and guests. Fled from Pskov because of the Duke’s wrath 1-6
Father Michail Priest in Russian Orthodox church, with clergy 1-5
Rusinsh The head of the Latgallian settlement next to the castle 1-4
Latgallians and Selonians Villagers next to Koknese, peasants and workers 4-12
Wise Woman Heals wounds and illnesses with herbs. Apprentice possible 1-2
TOTAL 22-68

3. Тuraida

One of the largest Livonian towns. The great chieftain Anno died in mysterious circumstances. His sons fled to Riga, and the role of chieftain was transferred to his previous Genral Kaupo, who’s married to Barbara, the daughter of a commander in Pskov.

The recent tragic events notwithstanding, the Livonian warband is still strong and capable, and locals aren’t too concerned with their leaders’ problems.

Name Description Quantity Role occupied
Kaupo Chieftain of Livonians in Turaida. Ex-General. An ambitious and cunning ruler 1
Barbara Kaupo’s wife, daughter of a Commander in Pskov. Has strong influence on her husband, loves to meddle in politics 1
Vesike (Vesikis) Another one of Anno’s commanders. Now the General of Turaida’s warband 1
? Vesike’s wife. Estonian. Hates Barbara. 1
? Vesike’s son. Ayoung warrior. Yearns for heroics and glory. 1
Warband Livonian warband, hardened in battles with Latgallians and Lithuanians 4-10
Court Friends of Barbara and Vesike’s wife, wives of the warriors, servants 3-10
Merchant from Pskov Barbara’s relative. With family, servants, guards. 2-10
Villagers of Turaida Peasants, male and female. Grow crops, cattle, weave cloth etc. 4-12
Beekeeper Beekeeper with his family, one of the richest Livonians in the village 1-4
Blacksmith With family and apprentices. Fixes armour for the warriors 1-4
Wise Woman Heals wounds and illnesses with herbs. Apprentice possible 1-2
TOTAL 21-57

4. Daugmale

The central trade town of the Semigallians, the populace is mixed. Started to lose its importance after Koknese was established, and after that – also Riga. The Pope Innocent III forbid merchants to enter Daugmale port in year 1200. Lord Viesturs tries to unite all Semigallians against their old enemies Livonians and Lithuanians.

Name Description Quantity Role occupied
Viesturs Lord of the Semigallians from Tervete. A wise ruler and commander. Ally of the Bishop of Riga. Madly in love with his young wife 1
? The young wife of Viesturs, from the family of chieftains of Mezotne 1
Vanags? Viesturs’s assistant. A cunning politician and diplomat, a noble Semigallian from Tervete 1
Kasis? A young commander of Viesturs, a noble Semigallian from Mezotne 1
Donno? A Curonian leader, head of the Curonian embassy. A romantic and fearless youth 1
Warband A selection of Semigallian warriors from Tervete and Mezotne 4-10
Court of Daugmale Servants. Wives of the warriors. 3-10
Curonian embassy Servants and a Curonian warband 2-10
Villagers of Daugmale Peasants, male and female. Grow crops, raise cattle, weave cloth etc. 4-10
Merchant from Novgorod With servants and guards 1-4
Danish Merchant With servants and guards. Is hiding from the Crusaders because of the Pope’s order 1-4
Wise Woman Heals wounds and illnesses with herbs. Apprentice possible 1-2
TOTAL 21-55

Additional locations (camps):

5. Beverina

A Latgallian settlement. The center of Talava.

A short while ago sacked by Estonians. Lord Talivaldis leaves his sons to rule over the state and the town: Rameka and Drivinaldis, but to the youngest Varibulis, he leaves only his sword, while he himself heads to consult the priests of Perkons.

Name Description Quantity Role occupied
Talivaldis Abdicated the throne and went to consult the priests of Perkons. 1
Zvirbulis A young musician who plays kokle, accompanies Talivaldis 1
Rameka and his court Talivaldis’ eldest son, with his family, servants and warband 5-12
Drivinaldis and his court Talivaldis’ middle son, with his family, servants and warband 5-12
Varibulis Talivaldis’ youngest son. Currently resides in Koknese 1
Villagers of Beverina Peasants, craftsmen, wise men and women etc. 4-12
TOTAL 17-39

6. Lithuanian camp (a raiding party or an embassy)

Led by: chieftain Zhvelgaitis

7. Estonian camp (a raiding party or an embassy)

Led by: chieftain Lembitu

8. Novgorodian camp (a raiding party or an embassy)

Led by: commander Kondrat Mihalkovich

Technical ingame locations, special and NPC characters

1. Svetkalns

Sacred hill on top of which the shrine of Perkons is located. Warriors come here to receive a blessing before battle. No entry to the sacred hill for the baptized. The priests and the shrine are guarded by wolverine warriors.

Priest of Perkons (NPC) 1 person

Possible assistants to the priest (NPC) no more than 2 persons

Wolverine warriors 2-6 persons. Mandatory costume in the aspect of wolf skin to imitate the state of the wolverine.

2. Devil’s Cave

Witches and sorcerers gather here at nights for their Sabbaths, headed by Velins. During days, Velins walks down roads and through villages attempting to trick simple minded people. But there is always a chance to trick him instead.

3. Sorcerers and witches 

They can reside in any of the settlements, both in pagan and Christian ones. Even a monk can be a covert sorcerer.

For these characters, there will be a special (concealed) set of rules.

The amount of witches and sorcerers is limited in the locations (camps). So if you want to play the part, you need to apply as soon as possible.

4. Staburags Cliff

Only during sunrise and sunset, when the cliff is surrounded by fog, Staburadze appears. Young girls may ask her to fulfill their most cherished desire. However, Staburadze can also ask for a favor instead.

Staburadze (NPC) 1 person

5. Yods

If the villagers have angered their gods, the monstrous Yods will appear. The usual weapons won’t hurt it, but Yods can ruin crops, poison cattle, and sicken people. One can only pay Yods off by giving it a pure maid. And, one can be lucky enough to find a knight with a magical sword who can beat the monster.

Yods (NPC) 1 person

6. Laima

Laima calmly walks the roads of Livonia. Not everybody will realize they’re talking to a goddess, but she rewards good people, and punishes bad ones.

Laima (NPC) 1 person