Role game Folio Livoniae

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Latvia at the beginning of the XIII century...

No meticulous historian should look for a pattern of known events or historical figures. After all, one can meet a Teutonic knight and merchant from Riga on the paths of our game; or a Zemgalian or a Livonian coming back from the harvest; or even a maiden returning from the foggy cliff Staburags where she had made a wish; Lachplesis and other local heroes are going to commit their heroic deeds on these paths, whereas witches and sorcerers are in a hurry to the sabbath in the Devil's cave; terrible monster Jodis can wait for a traveler here, or an old woman – turn to be the goddess Laima; jingling their chain mail, passes squad of Polotsk or Pskov knjaz; a lurking scout ahead of Lithuanian or Estonian gang going on a raid for a rich booty ...

Henry the Latvian is already writing his Livonian chronicle. But the dry lines in Latin are not able to describe the amazing events and passions embracing the land of the future Latvia. Events and passions, worthy of a more talented pen. A Shakespeare of its own.

We offer you to become a character of these unwritten plays, compiled in a collection of Livonia - Folio Livoniae.

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