Witcher III

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2.1. Registration of the player on the Ground means that the player completely agrees with rules and undertakes to obey them.

2.2. To take part in the occasion it is necessary to submit the application on the homepage of the Game and to receive accept of the application.

2.3. The participants who haven't reached the age of 18 submit to "Rules on minors and children". 2.4. Only the players who have paid the game fee, are allowed to take part in the Game.

2.5. Лицо, приехавшее на игру без предварительной заявки, может участвовать в игре на следующих условиях: there is a free role corresponding to the available equipment; previous coordination with Masters has been made; the Game fee has been paid.

2.6. Participants of the occasion are divided into the following groups: 2.6.1. players – receive the player's passport and the game materials connected with the role;

2.6.2. photographers and camera operators – receive a special badge, pay fee as guests. Photographers and operators in the Game have to be dressed in the costumes that correspond to the Game world. After the Game, the photographers and the operators provide copies of all the materials to the group of Masters. The photographers, operators and journalists who have provided the application for press accreditation in advance, don't have to pay the fee.

2.6.3. guests - Any guests invited by the player as spectators, as assistants in economy or for acquaintance with role-playing games, as well as escorts of minors, have to pay the guest's fee. Guests receive a badge "Guest", however, they are not allowed to leave the out-of-game camp without the costume and the badge. 2.6.4. NPC characters – carry out the NPC functions that MG specified for them. 2.6.5. Masters - carry identification badges. Players have to obey orders of the masters unconditionally.

2.6.5. Masters - carry identification badges. Players have to obey orders of the masters unconditionally.

3.1. The Game fee

  • One person -


3.2. For photographers / camera operators – for free

3.3. Fee is not paid back, but it may be transferred to another player.

3.4. Payment method:


3.4.1. For citizens of the European Union in EUR:

Biedrība “Baltijas zobens”

Reg. nr LV11RIKO0002221411166

karnejevs nikolajs


For citizens of the RF

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4. Rules of the Ground 4.1. Players undertake to follow Rules of the game.

4.2. The group of Masters reserves the right to remove a player or a guest of the Game from the Ground in case they don’t follow these rules or Rules of the Game. The decision to remove a player or guest of the Game from the Ground is not to be challenged.

4.3. Players undertake to behave with local population in a polite way, and to avoid out-of-game rivalry among themselves. Manhandling, rudeness, or use of offensive language will be stopped by Masters, up to removal from the Ground.

4.4. It is necessary to report on emergency situations (a trauma, a conflict) to the nearest Master.

4.5. Masters don't bear responsibility neither for the actions of players who contradict with laws of the Republic of Latvia, nor for the damage to health and property of players and the third parties which has occurred due to violation of these Rules. The players who have acted contradicting the current legislation, will be handed over to the police. 4.6. The participants of game convicted of storage, use or distribution of narcotic substances will immediately be removed from the participation in the Game. Violators will be handed over to the police.

4.7. The supply to the Ground and, especially, – the use of guns and traumatic weapons on it, is forbidden.

4.8. Presence on the Ground outside the tent in a drunk state is forbidden, as well as bathing in such state. At violation of this point of rules by a player, Masters reserve the right to punish the player.

4.9. Independent bathing of persons younger than 18 years is forbidden. It is not allowed to bathe without bathing suits and swimming trunks(naked).

4.10. In case of finding of forgotten things on the Ground, they should be transferred to the camp of Masters or to the regional Masters.

4.11. Players are not allowed into the territory of the inhabited camp of Masters, except for cases of critical, force majeure circumstances or with the personal permission of a Master. This ban concerns only the inhabited camp, but not the working camp in which Masters deal with game issues.

4.12. All persons present at the Game must wear game costumes. The MG doesn't welcome people without costumes on the Ground - any player without a costume can be removed from the Ground. Requirement for wearing a costume: from the parade that means the beginning of Game - and until the closing parade. The exception is made for the players who have just arrived and who need to pass through registration towards the location of their placement, and also in a force majeure situation. The player can be without a costume in their out-of-game camp. 5. Out-of-game territories

5.1. Next to every location, an out-of-game camp for accommodation and rest of players will be organized. Out-of-game camp has to be surrounded by accurately defined protection. Placement of an out-of-game camp is specified by the region Master. 5.2. Access to foreign out-of-game camp is allowed for players only with the permission of the persons living there. Don't leave out-of-game camp unguarded. 5.3. There will be other out-of-game trade zones organized on the Ground: The Masters' area, The area of the Dead, parking, etc. Out-of-game zones have to be fenced with a special alarm tape. 5.4. The vicinity of out-of-game zones is not to be used for ambushes.

6. Accommodation 6.1. The place for putting up a tent is coordinated with the region Master. 6.2. All fires have to be dug round (or laid over by stones/bricks), it is preferable to use already existing campfires. The place of setting of a fire is discussed with the region Master. It is also recommended to install a brazier instead of a fire. 6.3. Near each fire / brazier it is necessary to have a shovel, container with sand and desirably, a car fire extinguisher.

6.4. Any open sources of fire, such as: torches, oil lamps, candles, are forbidden in locations. The only exception can be a closed glass lamps for candles.

6.5. When using modern illuminants in locations, mask them to look like their surroundings, for example, a lamp or a candle. It is forbidden to go out with modern torches at night (exceptions - a life-saving urgent need – for example, going to a doctor)!

6.6. About smoking. We kindly ask you to smoke only pipes in public during the Game. We ask to smoke cigarettes in special smoking areas. It is forbidden to throw stubs on the ground! Each location has to be equipped with a smoking area. Presence of a container with sand/earth/water - is obligatory.

7. Ecology and health regulations

7.1. Felling of any standing trees is strictly forbidden. For violation of this rule foresters will be charged a penalty according to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

7.2. It is forbidden to dig round tents and other shelters. 7.3. At construction it is forbidden to nail walls and other constructions to live trees. For fixture use strong ropes. Use of the construction stapler is possible.

7.4. The MG strongly recommends to drink only boiled water if it is taken from natural sources (a spring, a river, a lake). The MG will provide drinking water for players which will be distributed in specified places.

7.5. Washing the dishes and washing in natural reservoirs with use of detergents is forbidden. Merge the used water ashore. 7.6. The place for excavation of a cesspool and construction of a toilet has to be coordinated with the regional Master.

7.7. Toilets have to have opaque walls and once a day to be replenished with not chlorocontaining anti-septic tank (will be provided by Masters).

7.8. The garbage of any origin needs to be collected accurately in bags which can be received from Masters. It needs to be stored in specified, marked places. The team is responsible both for their location and for the roads adjoining it. 7.9. Independent utilization (burning, instillation) and mass storage of garbage outside of specially equipped places is forbidden.

7.10. When the Game is finished, it is necessary to perform the following tasks: - dig over the campfire, toilets, refuse and other holes; - collect all remaining garbage in bags and take them out to one of the special places for collecting garbage. All objects of artificial origin, including glass bottles, cans, paper etc. belong to garbage. Also everything that is brought by players and is left on the Ground, is considered as garbage. - Game constructions need to be sorted and put in the place specified by the region Master, except for the cases which are specially discussed with the Chief Master.

8. About healthcare

8.1. The MG recommends having your medical policy with you on the Ground, for foreign players - an insurance.

8.2. Each player is obliged to specify their chronic diseases and contraindications (an allergy to drugs and foodstuff etc.) in the application, and also to specify drugs which they usually use.

8.3. The MG doesn't recommend persons having a serious chronic illness to come to the Game. Such players are obliged to pass separate registration at the doctor's. In the passport of such players a mark about the diseases is mandatory.

8.4. The MG strongly recommends pregnant women not to come to the Game. Otherwise the MG doesn't bear responsibility for the health of the pregnant woman and the child. At the slightest threat to health, MG strongly recommends to evacuate oneself immediately from the Ground.

8.5. The player is recommended to have the minimum personal first-aid kit containing the drugs necessary for him for the daily use and in the case of an exacerbation of chronic diseases. 8.6. In case of getting injured or an exacerbation of a chronic disease, it is necessary to visit the Ground doctor.

8.7. On the Ground, only basic medical care is provided. If necessary - evacuation to a nearby hospital.

8.8. At emergence of disputes on a possibility of continuation of the Game or participation in fighting interactions for health reasons, the decision remains after the Ground doctor.

9. About children and minors

9.1. MG is against presence on the Ground of children younger than 5 years. We ask players to refrain from bringing small children to the Game. The MG will not accept claims concerning night and day noise in locations, absence of services that are necessary for the mother and the child, as well as of specific medical supplies at the Ground doctor’s.

9. 2. About minors at the Game. Minors are allowed at the Game only accompanied by parents or by an attendant with permission by parents.

9.3. From 23:00 till 9:00 minors have to be in their out-of-game camp. 10. About vehicles of participants 10.1. Vehicles of participants have to be located in the parking place (it will be organized by Masters).

10.2. In coordination with the regional Master, it is possible to leave a car in the Game territory, but it is forbidden to use it during the Game and it needs to be disguised with a net or another material (so that the car is not visible).

10.3. The cars that have the right to move around the Ground will be specially marked. (Security, medical aid, etc.)

11. About pets 11.1. All responsibility for a pet is taken by its owner. All consequences of pet's behaviour on the Ground lie on its owner.

11.2. All dogs belonging to service, fighting or sentry breeds have to wear muzzles and to be on leash in the camp of the owner. 11.3. In case of walk with a dog or any dog's movement on the Game - the owner of a dog is “out of the game".

11.4. Due to the rarity of cases when players bringing cats, ravens, parrots to the Game - Masters decide whether to allow such a pet onto the Ground. 11.5. It is compulsory to have the veterinary passport of the animal on hand. 12. About in-game taverns and shops

12.1. At the Game, food shops will be organized, for usage of in- game money as well as for cash payments. Learn conditions from MG. 12.2. Shops have to agree with Masters on their location, conditions of product sales and the range of products. 12.3. In case of violation of the rules mentioned above MG has the right to close the shop and remove its personnel from the Game.

3.1. The Game fee

  • One person - 20 EUR


3.2. Fee for guests and photographers / camera operators – 15 EUR. The term of the payment does not influence the amount.

3.3. Fee is not paid back, but it may be transferred to another player.

3.4. Payment method:


3.4.1. For citizens of the European Union in EUR:

Biedrība “Baltijas zobens”

Reg. nr 40008205385

IBAN LV72PRTT0256023379800